“Bye Bye Birdie” stays true

Lola Ethington, Staff Writer

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Bye Bye Birdie was a very successful play put on by our Hart students. The comedy/drama was funny, romantic, and extremely entertaining. The cast worked very hard to produce their best production.
The show tells the story of popular singer, Conrad Birdie, his devoted fans, and Albert Peterson, a struggling song writer’s, love life. When Birdie is drafted for the military, there is a scramble to keep his reputation and make sure everyone gets paid. Caught in the middle of this squabble are Rosie, Peterson’s long time girlfriend, Kim McAfee, a lucky fan chosen to kiss Birdie goodbye, and Hugo, McAfee’s jealous boyfriend. Including dramatic struggles, comically flamboyant characters, and hysterical displays of irony, the play took the audience on an amusing ride.
Playing the main roles were Matt Villar as Birdie, Eric Schultz as Peterson, Ivy Jacobson and Katherine Macri co-starring as Rosie and Jena Allen and Jenna Conte as McAfee.
“Those kids have got some incredibe talent. I loved the play; it was fantastic,” said Betty Vachon, a Hart parent.
The show was fast paced, exciting and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Congratulations to the entire cast for such an outstanding performance.