Fortnite disrupts classrooms

Kathryn Supple, Centerspread Editor

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Fortnite: the game students love and teachers hate. Although this game was previously only available online on PC, Playstation and Xbox, a mobile version has been released, resulting in students playing this game in class while the teacher is talking.

This game is set on an island where the players have to fight each other to be the last player standing. In each round, there are 100 players who must scavenge for resources. These resources can be used to attack the other players as well as defend themselves. Players can build structures and implement strategies to give them the upper hand.

At first, Fortnite became popular because it is a free game with only cosmetic purchases, driving many people to try the game out. However, a more accessible mobile version was recently released, causing even more people to try out the game.

Having Fortnite as a mobile app has caused problems in schools around the nation. Instead of focusing on schoolwork or paying attention to the teacher, students attempt to discreetly play Fortnite on their phone. This can cause disruptions in class when the teacher has to stop class in order to make the student or students stop playing the game and possibly hand their phones over.

Not only is Fortnite a problem during school, many students play Fortnite when they are at home instead of doing homework or studying. This severely inhibits a student’s academic performance, causing them to earn lower grades as they do worse on tests and assignments. Students may say ‘just one more round,’ but then continue saying that as ten rounds pass. The lure of becoming number one and the last one standing out rules productivity. Student think that since they were so close to winning last time, it will only take them one more try to win. This causes one round to turn into multiple rounds as students think that they will win the following round or they want to win another game after they win one game.

     Fortnite is also immensely popular on livestream sites such as Twitch or YouTube. People who are well known for their gaming receive viewer counts up to the thousands on their streams and can even earn money for this form of entertainment. Twitch reached an all time high of viewers with one million views on a livestream when Drake decided to join popular streamer Ninja, who later received $5,000 from this broadcast.
This game has had an overwhelming amount of popularity as students from all around the world play this game during school and at home. Fortnite, no matter how fun it is to play or watch, comes with consequences.