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Ahmed Ali, Opinion Editor

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The My Little Pony Friendship Club is an upcoming club that looks to celebrate the cartoon that has captivated thousands, young and old. The club hopes to encompass the “Elements of Harmony” portrayed in the tv show: honesty, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and the magic of friendship. This club welcomes fans and those interested to partake, and hope that as its members grow the goals of the club will shift and widen.

“The members of the club will help in the deciding of the intricate details of the club’s purpose. I’m hoping to base the club’s meeting themes off of the members expectations and mold it to their liking,” said the leader of the club Zoey Titus.

The club hopes to carry this fluidity throughout the year and provide a positive environment to all fans of this show. The club also hopes to provide a positive impact to the community through future fundraisers.

If you have been watching this show since it came out, or you don’t even know the difference between a horse and a pony but this has piqued your interest, definitely keep your eyes peeled to Hart tv and around campus for this new club.

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My Little Pony