Hart in a Beat: Donating to save lives

Lola Ethington, Staff Writer

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This semester’s blood drive, organized by the junior class presidents, Aaron Rodriguez and Miguel Galvan, ran successfully, but slowly in contrast to their average participation. The turnout was great in comparison to their hopes, considering the flu season.

“We are hopeful for about 60 units, although we normally collect much more, ” said University of California at Los Angeles representative, Deborah Alter.

The blood drive is a non-profit event that is held twice a year by ASB. All blood is donated to the University of California at Los Angeles, Santa Monica, the number one transplant hospital in the United States. The blood goes to trauma patients, surgeries, and transplants.

“In fact, we have a liver transplant tonight. One liver transplant requires about 50 units of blood, and to process and test the blood takes about three days. That is why these donations are so important,” Alter said.

The Flu season has had a huge effect on this years blood drive.

“About 200 people signed up for the drive, but with the flu season keeping people at home, the turn out so far has been around 100 people,” Rodriguez said.

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Hart in a Beat: Donating to save lives