Social media’s effect and spread in the news

Shayna Tilles, Staff Writer

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In the past year, it has been proven that politics have become a daily occurance in everyday life. From the drama in the White House to controversial elections, we have been using all the means available to express our opinion. The main outlet, which is used more than it should be, is social media.

School drama, important announcements and politics are plastered into everyone’s feed. These sites are being used as an active news source. News stations and key figures, like politicians, have been using the Internet to express their views. It seems like every day you turn on the news, the headline is about a politician who said something controversial. Especially after the past presidential election, our news feeds have been exploding with articles about the influence of social media and how it influences important decisions and politics

Politics has always been a dirty game. Politicians threaten and accuse each other in a vicious, never-ending cycle, and, social media is just another way to play the game. I personally don’t take part in social media. I don’t see the posts that politicians upload, and frankly, I don’t care to see them. What I do see is how they affect other people. Politicians and other public figures have been abusing their rights of free speech. They misuse their right to properly inform on a social platform and resort for narrow-minded bickering. Since they are people of power, they should be careful with what they share with the world, but lately, this hasn’t been the case. What should be said in private is now being posted during the early hours of the morning for the world to see. So much of our news is generated from these posts that it is borderline ridiculous. Why should the news focus so much time on what politicians do on social media? Why can’t we report about real life events happening in the material world and not in the virtual world?

I am not against politicians using social media platforms to promote their views, but I am against politicians using these platforms to start controversies. They shouldn’t be allowed to slander and threaten other people and still maintain their reputation. Politicians campaign to restore our country back to greatness while having their virtual selves do the exact opposite.


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Social media’s effect and spread in the news