The Flu spreads across the United States

Ahmed Ali, Opinion Editor

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The flu season has been stronger than anticipated as the current strain of influenza is more potent than that of previous years. In California, about 100 people have already passed away due to the symptoms this flu brings on, with children and the elderly being the most vulnerable. Hospitals have faced an influx of patients as they struggle to treat all those who were admitted.

According to data from the Center of Disease Control, this outbreak has reached all across the United States with only Hawaii unaffected and is the most widespread on record. However before panic ensues in the states, it should be said that this strain experienced an outbreak during the 2014-2015 season, more severe than it is now. Although the spread of this flu is unprecedented, the severity of the virus is not life-threatening to the majority of individuals. Still, precautions must be taken during this time to prevent getting sick.

Doctors and experts recommend guidelines for avoiding the flu and treating symptoms. Some of the more obvious ones may go overlooked. Washing your hands before eating is well known, but washing your hands after using computers or other electronic devices is highly recommended, especially devices with public access. Other tips from experts include getting vaccinated even now, as the flu season is expected to continue into January and possibly into April and May, and with the vaccine you can protect yourself against other strains of influenza that may be circulating through this season. Even more so, if you do come down with the flu, try to stay home and rest. It is far better to take the time to recuperate than run the risk of infecting others around you.

Remember to instill good hygiene practice unto yourself and the people around you, especially children. Take the time to wipe down keyboards and stock up on soap as well as cough drops and Tylenol. If you believe you have the flu, talk to a medical professional and seek your doctor if symptoms continue to worsen. Stay healthy, cover your mouth when you cough, make sure to hydrate and if you only do one thing to prepare, get those vaccines as soon as possible. Needles are scary, but germs are scarier.

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The Flu spreads across the United States