The change we face as we grow older

Kathryn Supple, Assistant Editor

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The dictionary defines growing up as maturing from childhood to adulthood and as to stop thinking in childish ways . However, I feel that the definition the dictionary supplies is only a small part of what it truly means to grow up. To me, growing up means experiencing new places and learning and growing as a person. Growing up is so much more than aging. You can still be an adult and experience the same emotions you did as a child, screaming with excitement when finding out you were going to Disneyland. You can still grow up and sing along to your favorite song, off-key and belting out all the words. People both grow and grow up everyday. As people age, they grow physically, like becoming taller, but they also grow up as they experience new places and learn. Most people associate growing up with negative thoughts but in all honesty, growing up isn’t that bad. Yes, I know that I’m not done growing up yet, and I doubt I’ll ever be done. After all, I’m only sixteen and still have a lot more to live for.

Growing up means so much more than maturing and aging. Yes, as you grow up you mature, but you also experience new places, like a different country, and learn from those experiences as you grow up. Growing up means learning new things and I hope I learn new things as life goes on. If growing up means learning, I hope I grow up. I want to learn and experience new places. I know more than I did ten years ago, and I know more than I did even one year ago. Growing up shows that you are learning and that you have changed. This change that occurs isn’t a bad one because it shows that you are learning and that you’ve changed. Change, no matter who you are, is inevitable and is going to occur. Change alters your life and can come unexpectedly, forcing you to grow in response to the situation. Some hide away, hoping that avoiding change means it will never occur. Others face change with confidence and allow it to take place. This pattern repeats as people grow older. Who people become as they grow up depends on how they react to change. Those who enjoy growing up and accept it face change with confidence; those who fear growing up react to change by hiding away. Change is essential. People should never shy away from change because it plants the seeds for learning. When your surrounding environment changes, you are forced to learn to adapt to your new surroundings and grow from them.

The truth is, you are going to grow up. It is inevitable. You grow up a little every day. You learn something new, whether you’ll forget about it the next day or remember it for the rest of your life. You experience something different. You might meet new people or explore new places. Growing up shouldn’t have a negative connotation. It isn’t bad, it’s a necessity and an essential part of life.


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The change we face as we grow older