Auto Club

Connor Lee, Staff Writer

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The Auto Club is a club where people can share common interests about cars and other automobiles. James Lane described the club to inform possible new members on what to expect. He explained that the current leaders of the Auto Club are Jonathan De La Paz and Dale Garcia. There are different officer positions to help run auto club such as vice president, secretary and treasure.

“Depending on the day, the number of people that attend the meeting varies. Sometimes there’s as many as 18 people and sometimes as few as 10,” said James Lane.

Some meetings we talk about field trip ideas, fundraising ideas and we teach the members whatever they want to learn, such as changing a tire, checking the tire pressure, changing the oil, and other things,” James said.

Auto club meets every Thursday at lunch in Mr. Lanes room, Q1. James explained that there are not a lot of leadership roles for newcomers, but there are a few. If a newcomer has something they want to teach, they allow them to teach the members.