Where the sidewalk ends

Claire Moylan, Copy Editor

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Before summer of 2018, various poems will be stamped into the sidewalks of Santa Clarita as apart of the Sidewalk Poetry Project. From November to January, citizens of Santa Clarita were allowed to submit poems written about any subject and in any style. These poems will be judged by a five person panel, and the results will be posted March 8 on SantaClaritaArts.com.

This project is the Arts Commission’s 2018 Public Art Proposal. The Commission decided to use poetry in order to introduce different art forms into the community because the City has seven visual arts exhibits. The poems will be judged on creativity, originality and quality by the Artistic Selection Committee. The winning poems will be placed according to the topic, and winners will receive a 150 dollar stipend.

“As an example, if the poem is about education and exploration, we may try to find a sidewalk repair that’s happening near one of our libraries,” said Art Coordinator, Katherine Cooksey.

Initial information about this contest was published in The Signal and on Santa Clarita’s website, which is how Mrs. Avanessian, an eleventh grade English teacher, and junior Emma Padilla found out about the contest. Both Padilla and Mrs. Avanessian believe that submitting work is beneficial in making a difference.

“I wanted to participate in the contest not only because it would be amazing to have my work put out in public, but also because I could get something out there in the world that could make a difference, or make someone think, or even smile. Then that would be a dream come true,” said Padilla.

The overall goal of the Sidewalk Poetry Project is to introduce different art and to emphasize the creativity in our community. New programs and projects, similar to this one, are being to developed in order for Santa Clarita to be officially known as the City of the Arts.


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Where the sidewalk ends