California holds our trash

Marissa Soto, Opinion Assistant Editor

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Santa Clarita is home to the Chiquita Landfill, the largest landfill in the state of California. It is currently 639 acres and is the biggest housing development in the United States. Chiquita Landfill is located in Castaic off of Henry Mayo Drive. The landfill first began collecting trash in 1972. It got a thirty-year extension on April 19, 2017 after originally being set to close if it reached 23 million tons of garbage, or if it was still there by November of 2019. Due to the extension, it is now the largest landfill in all of the United States. The recent expansion announcement has caused residents in Val Verde to be concerned about the possible environmental and health issues it could cause. They argue that having the landfill expansion will negatively affect the air and water quality in the area.

“With Waste Connections’ network of haulers and transfer stations, Chiquita Canyon receives most of its waste from larger capacity transfer vehicles rather than numerous small collection trucks a�� resulting in greater screening of waste, less traffic and less air and noise pollution in the communities around the landfill.” says the Chiquita Canyon website.

“Chiquita Canyon, like other solid waste landfills, over time generates a greenhouse gas, methane, which can be safely converted into a valuable source of clean energy. Chiquita deploys a gas recovery system to collect methane which is then used to generate electricity for nearly 10,000 homes each year.” the Chiquita Canyon network says.

Protesters stood outside Michael Antonovich’s office after the announcement was made. Antonovich is a supervisor and a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. By standing outside his office and delivering him a letter demanding immediate closure, they hoped that that would shut down the landfill for good. However, it did not achieve its goal, and accomplished nothing.

Although the landfill has received much backlash from the expansion announcement, it seems as though it will continue to be the largest landfill in the state, and the nation.

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California holds our trash