Vivian Swanborg holds softball donation drive for those in need

Freshman Vivian Swanborg held a donation drive from mid-October to December 15. She collected softball equipment for families and girls whose homes and equipment burned as a result of the wildfires in Northern California. These affected areas included Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa. Swanborg wanted to make the transition back into softball easier for the girls with the help of the drive. She collected the donations for the Santa Rosa Girls Softball League, who would receive the lightly used equipment. By outreaching to various softball teams throughout Southern California, Swanborg collected 50 helmets, 69 bats, 48 bags, 5 sets of catchers’ gear, 63 gloves, 28 pairs of cleats, 72 pairs of pants, socks, shirts and other necessary equipment.

“Growing up in Southern California I knew the fear of wildfires. I have been evacuated from my home twice. The thought of losing my home is unimaginable. So for those families that had to experience that, I could not even begin to fathom what they were going through. I also grew up playing softball and it became a huge part of my life. To have both softball and my home taken away is unthinkable. Thus for those girls in Northern California who went through this tough time, I wanted to be a helping hand in their way back into softball. I wanted to make it easy for them to come back to the sport they love,” said Swanborg.

Swanborg was also in contact with Debi Miramontez, President of the Santa Rosa Girls Softball League. The two exchanged emails throughout the process. Miramontez was a big inspiration to Swanborg throughout the course of the donation drive.

As well as collecting lots of equipment for the Santa Rosa Girls Softball League, Swanborg started a Gofundme where she collected 1,700 dollars in donations. Miramontez informed Swanborg that with the money she raised, they have created the Vivian Swanborg scholarship. The scholarship will help to finance the families who are not able to afford softball registration fees. To donate to the fund, go to


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