Ball breaks James’ triple-double record

Mansi Sharma, News Editor

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The Los Angeles Lakers have a record of 8-15 and recently played the Milwaukee Bucks, who have a record of 12-9, Saturday, the 11. Although the Lakers were defeated in a tough battle against Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Bucks team, Lonzo Ball finished with his first triple-double. Not only did Ball receive his first triple-double of his NBA career, but he also broke Lebron James’s record to become the youngest NBA player with one.

A triple-double is when a player has double digits in their category of points, rebounds, and assists during one game. It’s an impressive achievement and doesn’t happen very often. James was the youngest player to ever earn a triple-double and set this record in his 2004-2005 season. However, Ball beat his record by five days. James was twenty years and twenty days old when he was the youngest to receive a triple-double, but Ball was just short of that. Fortunately for him, Ball was twenty years and five days old. After the game against the Bucks, Ball finished with nineteen points, thirteen assists, twelve rebounds, three steals, and four blocks. Points, assists, and rebounds are the only three that make up a triple-double, but it’s obvious Ball had an outstanding performance that night.

Fans were going wild and commentators were surprised and excited about this record-breaking news. On the other hand, Ball was not happy with the game that night.

“I really don’t care. We took a loss. It don’t really mean nothing. It doesn’t matter to me to be honest. I just wanted to win tonight,” said Ball.

Because of Ball’s capability and talent at such a young age, the future for the Lakers has never been brighter. Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Brook Lopez, and Ball all give Lakers fans hope for another championship in the future. Becoming a record holder and being a major contribution to a potential championship for the Lakers makes Ball an integral part of the team.

Ball’s first triple-double is just the beginning of his career. Luke Walton, the head coach of the Lakers, along with Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka, and other Lakers staff see a lot of potential in Ball.

“If he’s getting triple-doubles in the summer league, he is going to get triple-doubles in the regular seasona�� Lonzo is going to play his game. The great ones do,” said Johnson.

Fans all over the world were thrilled with Ball’s legendary triple-double and couldn’t be more excited for the young core to dominate in a few years or less.

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Ball breaks James’ triple-double record