A letter to my high school self: Ms. Groscost

Delaney Gibbs, Chief of Staff

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Deary Tiffany,

First, RELAX! You need to stop worrying so much: about college, about work, about the future, about boys, about what other people think…it all works out.

Be kinder than you think you should be. So many people are fighting demons you can’t even imagine, and it only grows your soul to be more thoughtful and less judgmental. And here’s the big secret you won’t figure out until much, much later- everybody’s family is crazy, just in different ways.

That baby brother your mom and dad have when you’re a junior? He’s wonderful, funny, smart, and one of your best friends, so stop being embarrassed and enjoy him! In fact, your siblings will become your best friends later on, so lighten up on the oldest sister harassment. Be kind to your parents; they are new at this too and trying their best.

Show up to more concerts! These bands won’t be together for very long and the memories are priceless. Some of the spectacular mountain ski resort venues won’t last more than ten years, so go to everything and soak it all up. ESPECIALLY go to see U2 in Arizona with your friends!

Apply to every college you’ve ever thought of attending. There are so many financial aid programs and scholarships available; you don’t know unless you try and you will always wonder “what if?” And your uncle who teaches at MIT and runs American Express’ computers? Go spend the summer interning for him and learn how to code. You’ll be able to use it for the rest of your life.

Go to prom your senior year with your friends. No, you won’t get asked because you’ll still have that older bf (you should probably let him enjoy college and break up when he graduates; you’re not marrying him anyway). But go and have a wonderful time! You’ll always regret not going, and you and your friends shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks (hint: they’re not thinking about you at all).

Take that cute debate boy in your Latin class up on his offer to go out. You’ll lose track of him after graduation and he could have turned out to be a wonderful friend.

Speaking of friends, stop trying to date that adorable student body president of East: it’s never going to work, and it’s not you. You’ll be best friends as English majors in college, though, and it will be one of your most cherished friendships!

Save all of your albums and your crazy “80s clothes. Everything cycles back around and you’ll laugh yourself silly at how styles come back into vogue. Hooray for denim miniskirts!

Enjoy those four years! They really go by all too quickly. Go to all the rallies, the stomps, the dances, and the games. Being involved is the best way to make lifetime friends and unforgettable memories. You are doing the very best you can; love yourself, throw your head back, and laugh!

Ms. Groscost

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A letter to my high school self: Ms. Groscost