Students’ acts of charity

Kathryn Supple, Copy Editor

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As a part of Mrs. Bae’s Honors Human Anatomy class, students can raise money for cancer research by hosting or creating an event, fundraiser or donating as an opportunity for extra credit. This project originated when a student, while learning about cancer and how it affects families, was inspired to donate to cancer research. This project quickly became an opportunity for students to receive extra credit as multiple cancer centers found out about this project.

“My motivation for starting the cancer projects was the students themselves. After teaching them all about the topic, from what it is, to how it is treated, to advancements in the field, my students wanted to do something with their knowledge. So one summer about 15 years ago I came up with the idea to encourage students to help out in whatever manner best suited their abilities and interests,” said Mrs. Bae.

Although some students organize elaborate projects, such as the HART to Heart Benefit concert or the tennis tournament, other students can choose to make blankets or make something for those going through cancer treatments. All donations, whether it is in the form of money or a gift for those going through treatments, have enormous benefits for those either researching cancer or families with children in the hospital.

“Since we talk about funding for research in class, some students choose to raise funds for organizations or to help out individuals facing financial stress due to their medical care,” Mrs. Bae said.

Sophomore Zo Witherspoon, along with Hannah Milloy and her sister Allison Witherspoon all combined their love for baking and how Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles doesn’t make families pay for the treatments their children receive by decideding to provide baked goods to support the families during this difficult time.

“I love baking desserts and giving them to people to make them smile so I found a way to incorporate both [baking and donating money to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles] in my project,” said Zo Witherspoon.

“Other students made things for the patients, but I decided that raising money would help an organization that pays for treatment for all patients,” Spoon said.

So far, Mrs. Bae’s classes have raised $4,381, nine braids of hair, 31 blankets, 110 goodie bags, ten princess dresses and a lot lots of encouraging notes all to be donated to various cancer foundations and hospitals. As students collect their money and complete their projects, the amount of collected items, whether it is money, blankets or gifts for the patients, they are helping all those affected by cancer and those who are researching it.


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Students’ acts of charity