Junior Publishes a Book

Vanessa Roccella, Staff Writer

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Junior Shelby Grubbs finished a successful volleyball season November 2. Shortly after her junior volleyball season was over, Grubbs published a collection of poems book titled the thoughts i’ve untangled from my brain.

“To have a book published at only seventeen is a huge milestone,” said Grubbs. “This is a collection of poems I have written at three in the morning, when sleep never seemed to come, when my emotions overflowed my brain and when my hands were jittery with the need for expression.”

Grubbs’s based her poetry book on real life events that she has experienced. Many of her relationships and friendships have affected her and inspired her to put these true feelings, emotions and life lessons into words. This collection exposes Grubbs’ willingness to reveal her true self to the world.

“I finished the book in three days. I never wrote it to publish it initially, just to have it for myself,” Grubbs said.

Grubbs kept her poetry hidden away until she felt she was ready to share these thoughts with the world. She was not comfortable with letting the world witness this side of her. She started off showing the collection of poems to her close friends, then she gradually got comfortable with the idea of sharing her life experiences to the world.

“This book is extremely personal. At first, the vulnerability made me very uncomfortable and I never wanted to share that side of myself with the world, but showing it to close friends and seeing how they related to it made me change my mind,” Grubbs said.

Her personal favorite poem in the collection is a raw, emotional piece which compares a relationship to fire.

“The start of relationships are always the most captivating, but many times they end, mostly in chaos, much like fire,” Grubbs said.

the thoughts i’ve untangled from my brain is a powerful piece of expression from Grubbs. She exceptionally emoted her work by asserting her feelings and putting her past experiences into words.

This poetry book perfectly describes the feelings of one when in love. Grubbs carefully chooses her words to describe the events and relationships that have changed her for the better. At only seventeen, she has created a beautiful poetry book out of her life experiences that she now humbly shares with the world.

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Junior Publishes a Book