Sexual harassment scandals ravage hollywood

Camille Dolphin, Staff Writer

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In the weeks since the Harvey Weinstein scandal began, women everywhere have been sharing their own experiences of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape on social media under the hashtag #MeToo. The hashtag was created over a decade ago by female activist, Tarana Burke. She launched the hashtag after her own experiences kept her from helping a traumatized young girl.

The Weinstein accusations began early October, after The New York Times published a story exposing multiple accusations of sexual harassment. He is under investigation for rape by the Los Angeles Police Department after an Italian model-actress gave a detailed account of an alleged sexual harassment in 2013. That was the first case against Weinstein to be made public. A report written by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker also details Weinstein’s alleged and elaborate efforts to silence journalists and accusers. Weinstein denies the accusations and any allegations of non-consensual sex.

“I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it,” said Weinstein in a statement to the Times.

Prominent actresses such as Asia Argento, Lysette Anthony, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne revealed their stories about Weinstein’s abuse in hopes of putting an end to the ongoing violence. In the light of the allegations, Weinstein, a successful American film producer and former film executive, was fired from his own company and expelled by the Television Academy. His wife of 10 years, Georgina Chapman, announced she was leaving him.

Many other powerful men have been accused since the Weinstein allegations surfaced, including Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Ben Affleck, Chris Savino, Mark Halprin, Michael Oreskes, Charlie Sheen, Lockhart Steele and, recently, Matt Lauer.

Spacey was accused of making a sexual advance toward Anthony Rapp when they were working on Broadway in 1986; Rapp was 14 at the time and Spacey 26. Toback was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment throughout the years.

Both Mark Halperin and Chris Savino were accused of sexual harassment and unwanted advances.

These allegations have left Hollywood and the film industry open for significant reform.


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Sexual harassment scandals ravage hollywood