Spend more time being thankful for what you have

Kathryn Supple, Copy Editor

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The day after October 31st, every shop is seemingly decorated overnight into the bright colors of red and green. Everybody jumps directly from Halloween to Christmas without regard for the holidays in between. Christmas music is playing on radio stations, in commercials, and on playlists although it is only mid-November. There are no Thanksgiving decorations other than the occasional turkey centerpieces, and if there are any Thanksgiving songs, I don’t know of any.

Anticipating the sales of Black Friday also takes away from the events taking place on Thanksgiving. Each year, the hour in which the sales begin appear to seemingly starts earlier. What happened to being thankful for everything you have? Yes, I know the date signifies the beginning of the Christmas season and shopping for Christmas gifts, but many people also buy clothes and products for themselves. Everyone is thankful one moment and then a couple of hours later, people are fighting over clothes and televisions. Before Thanksgiving is even over, the mall is packed full of people searching to receive the greatest deals. Hours after dining on turkey and pumpkin pie, people are rushing into stores, grabbing at clothes.

Black Friday is a joy to some and a curse to others. Now, I love sales and discounts as much as the next person, but trampling over someone or being pushed around in a store to receive said discount? No, thank you. I’ve never been Black Friday shopping, but I’ve heard some extremes. The events that occur during Black Friday are simply appalling. People have gotten trampled just for trying to get a hold of a television.

I don’t know, maybe that’s your thing. Black Friday may have great deals, but unless the mall isn’t full of people fighting over clothes, it’s not worth it. You may think it’s worth it that you got clothes for half the original price, but I’d rather just shop online and get the same deals and not deal with annoying people running into me in hopes of scoring a great deal. Although the one downside of shopping online is that you can’t physically try on the clothes, you don’t try on clothes during Black Friday craziness, so skip on driving to the mall and instead shop online.

Seriously, just appreciate what you have and be thankful for that. Just mere hours after Thanksgiving, people forget the meaning of Thanksgiving and are instead trampling others in search of deals. The deals that you get on Black Friday may be great and not last long, but so does your family. Spend time with family, not with clothes.

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Spend more time being thankful for what you have