Club Update: Singer/Songwriter Club

Connor Lee, Staff Writer

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The Singer/Songwriter Club is a new organization on campus where people can share their similarities in music, make friends and connect with others. The Singer/Songwriter Club can be a way to express your emotions through a form of art, music. In the club, they talk about trending artists such as Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Brandon explained that besides talking about music, they have also started writing their own songs as groups and individually. They present the songs and help each other and give positive criticism to each other until they have produced a perfect song.

“I am very excited for all the people in the club and [hope] to expand the club even further by adding more members,” said club officer Brandon Martinez. “We meet once a week on Thursday at lunch.”

The club currently has about 30 members and is open to adding even more.

“In the club, we talk about our favorite songwriters and get into deep arguments about topics and we even write our own songs,” Martinez said.

Bandon explained that there is no designated leader of the club, but there are some leadership positions. He encouraged everyone to apply for a position because it looks very good on applications for college. Brandon finished off with saying that he can not express his enthusiasm for the club and encourages new members to join the club.