How to Eat Kit-Kats

Ruby Duncan, Copy Editor

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Have you ever had an experience where you try something new and the world looks totally different? Well, let me tell you about how to eat a Kit-Kat the right way.

Kit-Kats were first created Rowntree’s of York, United Kingdom. They could trace back to as early as 1911. Kit-Kats moved out of England in the 1940s and that’s when all the magic happened.

Chocolate has only had a positive influence on me. I eat chocolate when I am feeling happy, or when I am feeling sad. It seems like chocolate has a magical ingredient that makes you feel alive. Chocolate is a great coping mechanism because no matter what, chocolate will never break your heart. Chocolate comes in many shapes and colors; for example, light chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Not only do they come in different shades, you can put basically any ingredient inside and it still tastes amazing. Some ingredients that pair well with chocolate are caramel, almond, rice, strawberries, wafers and emotional turmoil. All these ingredients can stand alone but are enhanced when you cover them in chocolate.

The proper way to eat a Kit-Kat is to eat the excess chocolate from all the sides, then split up the 3 wafers. After splitting the wafers, eat them in this order; the top, the bottom, then the middle.

I have to give credit to my most influential role models, the Kardashians. Without the Kardashian, I would be eating Kit-Kats the wrong way.

Some people might say that just biting into the candy is better than eating Kit-Kats the proper way. I have to disagree. By just biting into the Kit-Kat, you don’t get the amazing aftertaste.

The perks about eating Kit-Kats in this way are that you still get all the components of a Kit-Kat and it takes longer to eat, so you don’t eat the whole bag quickly, which makes you feel better about yourself. You also get the sugar coated middle wafer as the after-taste.

Kit-Kats are made of three sugar coated wafers covered with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Kit-Kats are one of the most famous type of candy in America, let alone the world. Kit-Kats do not only come in milk chocolate but in many other flavors. Another flavor of Kit-Kats is strawberry.

Now you know if you ever run into a Kardashian, you can chit-chat about Kit-Kats

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How to Eat Kit-Kats