Jenna Nouar reaches for the stars

Sofia Dean, Staff Writer

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Jenna Nouar, a senior in Hart Show Choir’s Sound Vibrations, recently got accepted to The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts in Corona, California.

“I was really excited because [the arts are] what I want to pursue later in life, and to maybe become a music teacher,” said Nouar.

Alongside other genres of music, Noaur hopes to teach choral music to students in the future. Of course, for her to pursue her dream, she must first take specific classes and study music.

When Nouar starts her future at Young Americans, she will learn a great deal of things, but she will not leave Hart without taking something important away from show choir.

“Without Hart Show Choir, I wouldn’t have gotten into the school,” Nouar said.

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Jenna Nouar reaches for the stars