Do we need math in the future?

Mai Chiamthamachinda, Staff Writer

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Students around the world and through many generations continue to wonder if math is something essential for our daily routines and our significant future. Many people argue that math is only required for engineers who create objects and devices, construction workers who manually construct buildings, bankers who count and deposit money, and architects who design buildings since the subject is necessary for the success of their jobs. However, I believe that there is more to math than just solving equations, calculating the degrees of a project, and measuring the height of a building.

Math is used throughout many activities. A common experience with math is through grocery shopping. When we are shopping either alone or with our parents we are required to find the price per unit of a fruit or vegetable, weighing produce, figuring percentages of discounts, and estimating the final price of an item.

Math is also included in a daily activity like cooking since humans are suppose to keep up with a nutritionist meal. In the kitchen, math is used when we measure ingredients for a recipe, calculating the cooking time, converting the utensils to the right units, putting on the right temperature, and understanding ratios and proportions in baking.

Math can also come in handy when planning for a vacation. On vacations people tend to excessively waste money on gas, items, tickets, a place to stay, and especially food. Math skills can help a person carefully use their money to only the amount necessary. In the future, math is also helpful for saving money and paying taxes so that doing all these tasks is not too hard. So yes, math is more important than what people. Rather than sleeping in math class, we should wake up and pay more attention!

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Do we need math in the future?