Traffic backs up SCV life

Brooke Carcamo, Staff Writer

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Many Santa Clarita Valley residents have been affected by slow traffic this year. One of the contributing factors to the congestion is the annual Overlay Slurry Seal Project, which is when the city of Santa Clarita applies an asphalt and water seal on the roads to extend their life.

Students are late to school, teachers are frustrated and commuters heading to work are annoyed.

The traffic also causes students who usually spend three to five minutes commuting to school to have to leave 10-15 minutes earlier to get to school on time.

Another reason for the overload of traffic is the increased number of students attending schools near Hart, like Newhall Elementary, Placerita Junior High School and Albert Einstein Academy.
School faculty members and students have said that this is some of the worst traffic they’ve seen in years while working at Hart High School.

“Yes, the traffic this year seems to be increasing from last year. The major construction on Railroad Avenue has caused multiple delays and traffic snarls. Students need to plan ahead for unexpected accidents, delays, and rerouting. Especially in this valley, traffic has to be factored in for travel time and is an important part of learning how to be a responsible adult. From a teacher’s perspective, tardiness interrupts other students, disrupts the conversation flow of thought and is poor training for future professionals,” said English teacher, Mrs. Groscost.

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Traffic backs up SCV life