Hart’s newest freshman on varsity

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Hart’s newest freshman on varsity

Stefani Woll, Sports Editor

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Jensen Shrout is one of Hart’s many athletic freshmen. She, however, is the only freshman who made a varsity team in any fall or winter sport for the 2017-2018 school year. She will be on the girls varsity soccer team this upcoming winter. Shrout started playing soccer when she was five years old and has been playing ever since. When she was seven, Shrout tried playing softball and came to the conclusion that soccer was the only sport for her.

“Playing a different sport made me realize how much I love soccer and how no other sport could compare to it,” said Shrout.

She found out which team she made when the roster was posted on a door early in October.

“When I found out that I made varsity, I was beyond excited, and being with my friends when I got the news made it really special,” Shrout said.

She plays on Real SoCal, a flight one champions’ division team, outside of high school. Shrout, who is 14, has been playing on a team with girls that are a year older than her since the beginning of summer. She claims that playing on her club team has given her the experience and skills necessary to help her be successful in making varsity. Coach Guilherme Mitrovitch, called “Coach G” by his players, is the head coach for the girls’ varsity soccer team, with Ally Perez as the assistant coach. Mitrovitch is also Shrout’s club coach at Real SoCal since she joined her current team.

“I’m super excited for the season because all the girls are really nice and supportive, and Coach G and Ally are really great. I’m really happy that I get the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing team and program. I know the competition will be very hard but I look forward to being challenged and continuing to develop as a player,” Shrout said.

On Real SoCal, Shrout is a starter that plays center defender, also called center back. As a center back, she is often required to have to go up against the opposing team’s best finisher and prevent them from scoring.

“[Jensen] needs to improve like everyone else, but she has all the necessary skills. She is physically gifted, mentally strong, technical on the ball and tactically growing as a player with the potential to become an amazing player,” Mitrovitch said.

As a highly competitive athlete, Shrout’s strong work ethic and drive to enhance her soccer skills has allowed her to be successful in making varsity, and will continue to help her throughout the rest of her high school career and later in her future.