Our world has changed

Kathryn Supple, Opinion Columnist

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We grew up experiencing earthquake drills; now we have active shooter drills. We grew up hiding under tables covering our heads during earthquake drills; now we turn off all the lights, lock the doors and rush to make the room appear as if it is unoccupied. We grew up focusing on hiding under desks and making sure nothing would fall on us; now we focus on our three options: running, hiding or fighting. We grew up making sure everyone knew what to do in case an earthquake happens; now we make sure everyone knows what to do in case an active shooter enters our campus. Yes, we still have to go through earthquake drills, but a larger emphasis is based on active shooter and lockdown drills.
We now expect the worst. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but students’ minds should not be plagued with the fear of an active shooter appearing on campus. We, as students, should be focused on learning and concentrating on schoolwork, not on an enormous poster announcing all the options for when an active shooter strikes. The amount of preparation needed for events like active shooters is not the problem; the problem is society itself.
Not only have active shooters increased at schools over the years, but in civilian life, attacks have also increased.Celebrating a simple event, such as the Fourth of July or Bastille Day, has ended in numerous deaths. What should be happy events are transformed into times of terror and tragedy when a shooter strikes. Lives are taken at the hands of one heartless person. Festivities are ruined and the date is forever tainted. The world in which we live in has changed and it’s not for the better.
We fear things that used to be anomalies but are now common. In the past month alone, there have been numerous attacks, each ending in the death of too many. These attacks are happening more and more often and it’s not a good sign. There have been numerous tragedies at events that are supposed to be happy. Concerts, parades and marathons are ruined at the hands of one person.
These events have been the main focus of news stations across the country, especially after major events such as the Las Vegas shooting. Yes, the news tends to report the bad things that occur. You never see a report of a plane landing perfectly, you only see when a plane crashes. If the news reported all the good things that occurred, the news would be hours long. There may be more positive things happening daily, but the bad often overshadows all the good.

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Our world has changed