Ultimate frisbee has become a Hart favorite

Connor Lee, Staff Writer

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Ultimate Frisbee is a popular sport and is on the rise here at Hart. The objective of the game is to throw the frisbee into the endzone, earning a point for your team. The basic rules of the sport are mainly the same as football, except there is no running in ultimate frisbee. Team members can throw the frisbee to another teammate within ten seconds of receiving the frisbee, although they are not allowed to run while holding the frisbee. When players do not catch the frisbee, the opposing team takes possession of the frisbee and changes from defense to offense.
“We practice at 7:30 at Valencia Glen Park. During our practices, roughly 20 students play against each other and compete in a scrimmage,” said Ricky Meza, member of the Ultimate Frisbee club.
Games have not yet started, so the locations, times and teams are still to be determined.

Ultimate Frisbee, originally started by Collin Gore as a fun way to show his passion for ultimate frisbee, is now run by other students, although the club is still run in the same fashion as it was before. The club has around 20 students, but more are expected to join. New members can join the club by calling either Ricky Meza or Parker Christensen. No matter how much or how little experience you have with ultimate frisbee, all new members are welcome. Come to play, have fun and hang out with friends!