An Art Wall Would Paint the Way to a More Creative Future

Sofia Dean, Staff Writer

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How many times have you passed the Wall of Honor, gazed a that majestic flag painting, and thought to yourself, “I wonder what it would be like if we had another art piece that decorated the campus?” The idea of an art wall may become a reality, according to our principal, Dr. Nielsen.

“Now that the students have seen the wall, and they like that feeling it gives to the campus, and they were to brainstorm or cope with an idea about maybe a student produced mural, that’s something we could discuss,” said Dr. Nielsen.

If the wall were created, the real question is where would it be located. On a wall in the gym? Or the library, perhaps?

“That would be part of the discussion,” Dr. Nielsen said, “We have to be thoughtful in how we select the location because you don’t want to put a mural up, and then because of renovation have that building torn down or covered up. You’d want to pick a location that will be untouched for several years, so the students could enjoy it.”

Imagine walking into school and seeing a beautifully painted mural resonating with the creativity of students, and you could admire their art decorating the campus. Not only would it be aesthetically pleasing, but it would be painted with several different kinds of artistic genres and ideas.

“I’d say we are open to any proposal on it, and of course I think the art teachers might play a valuable role in that as well. Students can maybe talk to Mr. Brusca or Ms. Blanca about what would have the biggest impact,” Dr. Nielsen said.

Students can suggest all sorts of art ideas. Think about it; you could see abstract, realistic or many other genres decorating the wall. Students could walk by your art every day and find the time to appreciate your work. This may be the one chance you’ve been waiting for to be recognized by society for your amazingly creative artistic talents!

What do you think? Should Hart show its creative and artistic side of its students?

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An Art Wall Would Paint the Way to a More Creative Future