Police Protocol

Olivia Reschke, Staff Writer

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Police protocol is very important. In honor of the Las Vegas shooting and everyone that was injured or sadly even killed, I hope that this article will better prepare you if an event like this ever happens again. First, we are going to inform you on what the police officers are supposed to do in this situation.

The officers are supposed to bypass the wounded citizens and look for the shooter to try and make sure no one else gets injured. As soon as they have neutralized the shooter they call the fire department to clarify that it is indeed safe to come in and attend to the wounded.

If for any reason the fire fighters were not able to come, the officers on duty have the basic knowledge necessary to help someone in need until they can get professional care. In this situation, vacate the area immediately through the nearest exit.

If you cannot find an exit take cover. Find something that you can use to defend yourself and then locate an area to hide. You will have a better chance at survival if you are armed in any way. If you still can’t find anything to defend yourself with or anywhere to hide, keep looking for an exit.

Then getting out of that area is your best chance at survival. This should help to better inform you on what to do in this kind of situation. Now if this ever happens again you will hopefully be better prepared than before.

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Police Protocol