Girls golf has an exciting season for the team

Mai Chiamthamachinda, Staff Writer

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Winter is arriving and the girls golf season is coming to an end. Their final CIF game was held October 30 and lasted the entire day. The team successfully won multiple games prior to their final match and ended the season with prideful smiles. October 11 the girls’ golf team headed off to the TPC Valencia in order to compete in the second day of their Newhall Cup. On the second day, West Ranch came in first with the total of 193 strokes, followed by Hart High who came in second with a total of 219 strokes and Valencia who came in third with a total of 221 strokes. Varsity player Meghan Silver, resulted with a score of 41 strokes, followed by Emma Allen who received a score of 42 strokes, Brooke Harrison who scored 45 strokes, Ammerisse Lopez who scored 47 strokes and lastly Olivia Kinzie who had a total of 52 strokes. In the end, West Ranch took first place with a score of 378 strokes, while Hart High came in second with a score of 446 strokes and Valencia ended in third place with a score of 453 strokes.

In league, the girls successfully arrived in third place out of the six teams that competed. Out of the six leagues played, the team victoriously won second place four times and third place twice. In the first league, Hart received a total score of 234 stroke which resulted them in second place. Hart received third place with a score of 219 strokes in the second league and was only 8 strokes more than Valencia’s. They remained at third in the third league with a score of 223 strokes. However, on the fourth day, Hart gained back second place with a score of 229 strokes. Their success continued throughout the fifth league, where they received a score of 227 strokes while remaining in second place. On the last league, the team remained in second place with a score of 219 strokes. Overall the team had arrived in third place with a total score of 1117 and was only a few strokes away from reaching Valencia’s. The scores resulted in West Ranch sweeping first, followed by Valencia in second, Hart in third, Saugus in fourth, Golden Valley in fifth and Canyon in sixth. After victoriously meeting their goal, the team made it into CIF, while senior varsity player, Paige Heuer, made it into the CIF Individual round.

“League went great! We really gave it our all this season and worked hard to get where we are,” said Meghan Silver, varsity golf player.