Breakfast for the Soul

Mai Chiamthamachinda, Staff Writer

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Breakfast for the Soul is a club that provides food for the community of homeless people throughout the city of Santa Clarita. The club is run by the junior co-presidents, Hannah Ku, and Mansi Sharma. Other officers include, Maddy Chan, the social media officer, Hope Jayne, the secretary and Helen Ku, the treasurer. As of now, the club meets on a Tuesday at the end of each month in room K-4. Currently, the club is hosting a food drive in which students are able to donate ingredients like dry pasta, marinara and croutons to a box situated in a teacher’s classroom. The goal of these donations is to collect enough items so the students are able to cook meals for the homeless. Up to eight members of the club will be cooking the meal during the day of the event on November 7th and will be taking it to a shelter where they will be serving it to the people there

“We decided to create this club so that we can give back to our community of people in Valencia. I’ve always been thankful for the food I received and wanted others to have the opportunity to experience that thankfulness too!” Hannah Ku said.


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Breakfast for the Soul