2017-2018 Staff

Jino Chough


Jino Chough is a senior at Hart High. He is the Editor in Chief of The Smoke Signal for the 2017-201...

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Kacie Nielsen


Kacie Nielsen is the Editor in Chief for The Smoke Signal.  It is her fourth year in the class and ...

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Delaney Gibbs

Chief of Staff

Delaney Gibbs is the Journalism Chief of Staff for the 2017-2018 school  year. Gibbs has been a member...

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Ahmed Ali

Opinion Editor

Ahmed Ali is a senior at Hart High. He is the Opinion Editor of The Smoke Signal, and he is particip...

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Abigail DeMuth

Arts and Reviews Editor

Abigail DeMuth has been in journalism for two years and is currently the Arts & Reviews editor for The Smo...

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Sofia Fernandez

Features Editor

Sofia Fernandez is the Features Editor for the 2017-2018 school year. Fernandez is a senior, and has...

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Hannah Ilagan

Center Spread Editor

Hannah Ilagan is a senior, and the current Centerspread Editor for the 2017-2018 school year, along with...

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Back Page Editor

Janny Oh

Janny Oh is currently the Backpage editor for The Smoke Signal and has been in the class for three ye...

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Mansi Sharma

News Editor

Mansi Sharma is a junior at Hart High. She has been in Journalism since freshman year, and she is the...

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Kayla Song

Center Spread Editor

Kayla Song is one of the two senior Centerspread Editors for the 2017-2018 school year. This is her second...

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Stefani Woll

Sports Editor

Stefani Woll is the Sports editor for The Smoke Signal and also a sophomore.  Woll is a tennis player a...

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Ruby Duncan

Copy Editor

Ruby DUncan is a copy editor and a sophomore at Hart.  She is also a member of the varsity volleyball...

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Helen Ku

Copy Editor

Helen Ku is a sophomore at Hart and currently assists the newspaper with her copy editing skills.

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Kathryn Supple

Copy Editor

Kathryn Supple is a Copy Editor for The Smoke Signal as a sophomore.  Along with writing, she also...

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Ryan Benz

Staff Writer

Ryan Benz is a freshman Staff Writer who enjoys playing baseball and listening to music.  He also enjoys...

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Brooke Carcamo

Staff Writer

Brooke Carcamo is a first year journalism student and works as a staff writer.

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Eileen Chen

Staff Writer

Eileen Chen is a sophomore that plays flute in the school band.  She loves playing in the marching band,...

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Mai Chiamthamachinda

Staff Writer

Mai is a typical sophomore student interested in manual photography and everything about ramen.  In...

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Sofia Dean

Staff Writer

Sofia Dean is a movie, cat, and literature-lover. She spends her free time singing and playing the ukulele,...

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Camille Dolphin

Staff Writer

Camille Dolphin is a ninth-grader who enjoys writing and going to the beach.  She also loves In-n-Out...

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Lola Ethington

Staff Writer

Lola Ethington is a sophomore with a distinctive personality. Ethington takes mostly AP and honors classes,...

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Brian Figg

Staff Writer

Brian Figg is a junior who enjoys soccer and writing.  His goal is to get an MBA from a prestigious...

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Connor Lee

Staff Writer

Connor Lee is a freshman who enjoys playing basketball and drawing.  In his free time, he is usually...

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Claire Moylan

Staff Writer

Claire Moylan is a ninth-grader who is mistaken for Marissa Soto from time to time.  In her free time,...

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Marissa Soto

Staff Writer

Marissa Soto is a student athlete that plays softball.  She is fascinated by fun facts about sharks....

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Shayna Tilles

Staff Writer

Shayna Tilles, a freshman at Hart and pita-chip enthusiast, enjoys all things Harry Potter, Hamilton,...

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Madison Westbrook

Staff Writer

Madison Westbrook is a ninth grader who enjoys writing, swimming, going to the beach, and watermelon.

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